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UX/UI design

The well designed interface and user experience are the key conditions for a successful app creation process. Software for mobile devices requires particular diligence in planning the ergonomics.


Currently the most popular mobile operating system. Its different versions serve hundreds of devices. Developing apps for Android, we put special emphasis on the testing.


Not only the iPhone, but also the iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch. The iOS devices set market trends and their users are the most conscious app buyer group.

Windows Phone

The money spent on marketing and a well thought-over company’s policy have translated to a dynamic popularity growth of the system. Planning your mobile strategy, you shouldn’t forget about its users.


The universal programming language which is getting massive popularity. Supported by all communities and producers gives virtually unlimited opportunities.


 During consultations and trainings, we share knowledge that we use in our everyday work. You can use our help both on the technology and marketing field.

Creative technological solutions for business

High quality

We’re code perfectionists. Before you get the ready app from us, it’s going to be scrutinized and tested a number of times on various devices.

Individual approach

We start our cooperation with investigating your expectations and business goals. We then work out a model for cooperation that suits you best.

Business experience

We support a lot of companies launching their businesses online. We started out as a startup and are still developing our own projects. We perfectly know the market reality.

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